An authentically Tamarindo experience, complete with food, music, beautifully crafted products, artwork, and a lively, inviting community.


Every Saturday

8am - 2pm, At Oneida Park

It takes a village!

The TamaMarket is the result of lots of hard work from our ADIT team, our vendors, crafters, and farmers, our musicians and artists, and of course our entire community!

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See ADIT’s TamaMarket vendors, who take pride in the artisan crafts, products, prepared foods, and fruits and vegetables that they create and bring to the market every Saturday. When you buy at the market, you support your neighbors.

See ADIT’s TamaMarket Initiatives, including our special events and the features of this market that create this lively, inclusive, enjoyable space that serves our community and environment.

The TamaMarket In Tamarindo

If Tamarindo is the place where worlds meet, the TamaMarket lies at the center of that. As diverse and inviting as our entire community, it is a bustling center where everyone comes together to share, connect, play, and shop for local beautiful items, food, and more.

Whether you are getting your weekly groceries, a beautifully crafted souvenir to take home from vacation, or a coffee to start your morning, the TamaMarket has something for everyone.

Our Approach to the TamaMarket

We take pride in creating inviting spaces and enjoyable experiences for the whole family through connection and culture.  

We believe our entire community truly helps  create the lively, loving and nourishing space that the TamaMarket has become.

Our Main


The TamaMarket has become an essential part of a Saturday morning in Tamarindo.

Our market gives local entrepreneurs, artisans, and farmers an opportunity to showcase and sell their goods. This helps our local community earn income.

As ADIT has improved and cleaned the space for the market, Oneida Park has been revitalized into a lively community space. During the markets, it buzzes with people and positive energy along the shop-lined streets. Children of all ages play basketball, use the skate ramps, and run around. It benefits our community well beyond the market, serving as a gathering point for other events, and place for kids to play, and a meeting spot for friends.

The TamaMarket is not complete without music! Every weekend, local musicians fill the park with beautiful music highlighting the local and international culture of Tamarindo. It truly sets the scene for an enjoyable experience.

We are proud that the TamaMarket has become a space where families can relax, play and enjoy themselves. The park is filled with kids of all ages, playing games, skating, playing basketball, enjoying a snack, or participating in our kids activities. Kids are the energy of any community space!

Supporting TamaMarket

Thanks to Our Parters for making
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ADIT is made up of committed community members that feel a sense of responsibility for protecting the beauty of the place we call home to our families, business, and our guests.

We welcome your help and skills, and we have many opportunities to participate as a volunteer from events, to administrative help.



with ADIT

As a community organization, partnership is essential to our strength and ability to make important decisions, develop important projects, and to create a safe and secure environment for our families, businesses, and visitors.

We welcome organizations of all sizes and types, and have many ways to engage with ADIT so that your efforts as a partner are known and valued.

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