Social programs play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging and social cohesion within our community


We have a fast growing and ever changing town, which needs to feel like home for all the people here. When we take responsibility for our community’s health and wellbeing, we allow eachother to thrive and live our best life.

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See ADIT’s Social Initiatives, our partners, and our efforts together to help Tamarindo connect through culture, art, and celebration.

Social In Tamarindo

In Tamarindo, we understand that the soul of this beautiful beach town, with great surf, gorgeous biodiversity, and shiny sun, is its people.

Culture, Sports, Education, and the Arts are highly supported by the local community and ADIT.

Our Approach to Social

Tamarindo is known as the place where the world meets. We have people from all over the world sharing customs, dreams, and lifestyles. Sharing the Costa Rican heritage while adopting and blending in new cultures will define the identity of our future generations.

ADIT, in an effort to give us all a sense of belonging, manages a series of projects and events that encourage people to learn, be a part and share from local and foreign traditions.

The cultural essence of Guanacaste in Costa Rica is deeply intertwined with every social initiative.

Our Main


We bring together families and businesses to create spaces and campaigns for the development of our youth, for healthy life in adulthood, and for the well being of the elderly.

A family event, in which locals and visitors participate in a procession with a marching band, cars that drive Santa, the Grinch and other characters spreading joy and celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

This program has allowed 60 children, ages in 5 to 16, from different backgrounds to come together and play soccer. It has provided them with a valuable opportunity to develop important life skills in a healthy environment.

On September 15th, children come out to the marching band parade. This tradition showcases the cultural richness and the deep-rooted patriotism of the Costa Rican people.

With the participation of Musical groups, Theater groups, Liberal Artists, and much more, this event offers two entire days of international Art and Culture for the people of Tamarindo.

Supporting Social Initiatives

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ADIT is made up of committed community members that feel a sense of responsibility for protecting the beauty of the place we call home to our families, business, and our guests.

We welcome your help and skills, and we have many opportunities to participate as a volunteer from events, to administrative help.



with ADIT

As a community organization, partnership is essential to our strength and ability to make important decisions, develop important projects, and to create a safe and secure environment for our families, businesses, and visitors.

We welcome organizations of all sizes and types, and have many ways to engage with ADIT so that your efforts as a partner are known and valued.

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