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Guardians of the Ocean
Dedicated to protecting, cleaning, preserving and recycling in our beautiful.

Digital Ninja Consulting

Digital Ninja Consulting is a tech firm from Chicago and now in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. As a Google Partner they provide services to small to enterprise sized business to help operate in the cloud. They have a strong focus on working with NGOs.


At KIBRAND we are dedicated to building and designing brand strategies, and creating designer products. We believe in sustainable brands, with a positive impact and that are a contribution to the world, which is why we focus our efforts on creating fair, joyful and happy brands. We like to create a long-term relationship with our clients, a close relationship that allows us to achieve a co-creation in the creative process, where the ideas and finally the products are born both from a deep client-agency investigation, and from the target group. which they point to. We like to enjoy our work and put all our passion into what we do. We work with our hearts, we do what we like and we are happy.