Let's Create Community Together

Partnership | Collaboration | Development

Ambassadors are our biggest supporters and allies, in their words, actions, and independent agency. They have invested in our community.

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are making significant contributions towards furthering our shared vision of a functioning, safe, and thriving community that is accepting of all its members and immersed in the unique natural beauty of Costa Rica. Our Agents are ready to take action in supporting everything ADIT does.

Our Community Catalyst

Our Catalysts feel a responsibility to continuously work towards our shared vision.

We love to see our community dedicated to taking meaningful action. Our Catalysts not only make significant contributions towards numerous initiatives, projects, and events, they incorporate aligned values into their day to day activities and business models. Our community catalysts drive forward the growth, change, and development of the Tamarindo community with passion & devotion. We trust our catalysts to not only be there when we need support, but to be working alongside us everyday.

Our Community Agents

Agents are making consistent and committed action in moving towards our shared vision

Our events and projects are often led by community members with specialized skill, knowledge, and resources, and with the support of our sponsors those projects have real and meaningful impact in and around Tamarindo. Agents support the events, projects, and initiatives that they are most passionate about with generous contributions. We can count on our agents to show up when we call.

Our Community Collaborators

Collaborators are taking action in helping us work towards success in our initiatives.

They work with us, contributing their resources towards our initiatives and projects, making donations, volunteering, and spreading awareness for our projects and initiatives. When we need them, our collaborators are there.

Our Community

Our Community Members support us and our efforts. Everyone is a valued part of our community! Neighbors, children & youth, tourists, community organizations & nonprofits, schools & universities, businesses & entrepreneurs, government entities & the local municipality.

Our members help us work towards our goals by whatever means are available to them. This includes bringing attention to our causes, donating non-monetary resources, dedicating time and energy through volunteering, attending events, and advocating for our projects and vision.