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     Tamarindo is growing! As more tourists come to visit, and people come to stay, our community grows. It’s important that we are strategic and thoughtful in our planning and development, ensuring the needs of our people and environment are met.

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Infrastructure In Tamarindo

     With the support of international entities, private investors and members of the community, ADIT has been able to successfully complete several infrastructural projects over the last five years. We have highlighted the importance of Tamarindo and Langosta for the National Economy, emphasizing the need to preserve it, promote it, and develop it thoughtfully.

Our Approach to Infrastructure

     Along with the Santa Cruz Municipality, the MOPT, COSEVI and other institutions, ADIT has been designing a comprehensive development plan that regulates and organizes construction, preserves the use of water, protects the biological conservation areas, and makes Tamarindo a modern, beautiful, accessible, and safe community.

Our Main


Through our infrastructural development, we move into the future with purpose and intention, positively impacting our entire community and environment.

This road connects the Langosta community with downtown. The sidewalks ensure the safe walkability between these two communities so that everyone can travel freely and safely.

Through design and implementation, we have improved the existing rainwater evacuation network and implement a collection system in the most critical points of the area. This intervention ensures correct collection and distribution of rainwater to the different outlet points.

These inovative designs help us to limit flooding, reduce erosion, and improve the quality of our water.

As Tamarindo grows, the one paved road in and out has become overwhelmed with traffic. By paving Los Jobos Road, traffic can now be directed in two directions, lessing the burden on our roads, the occurance of traffic jams, and vehicle emissions in down town. 

Guanacaste street is 1 km long, starting at the intersection between Langosta street and downtown Tamarindo. It is a 30 m wide street, thought to be the main street of Tamarindo and that connects with the alternate route Tamarindo-Villareal through Los Jobos street.

This project is led by ADIT, which is in charge of carrying out the pre-design and design with funds from specific donations, which will later be donated to the Municipality of Santa Cruz for its construction. The pre-design contemplates the needs of businesses, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. MOPT, COSEVI, CONAVI and the Municipality of Santa Cruz are included in this project as design supervisors and later construction.

Supporting Infrastructure Initiatives

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ADIT is made up of committed community members that feel a sense of responsibility for protecting the beauty of the place we call home to our families, business, and our guests.

We welcome your help and skills, and we have many opportunities to participate as a volunteer from events, to administrative help.



with ADIT

As a community organization, partnership is essential to our strength and ability to make important decisions, develop important projects, and to create a safe and secure environment for our families, businesses, and visitors.

We welcome organizations of all sizes and types, and have many ways to engage with ADIT so that your efforts as a partner are known and valued.

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