Since the beginning, preserving the unique environment that makes our community special has been a central focus of ADIT.


     We strive to collaboratively combat the environmental problems that threaten the world around us through projects focused on land and biodiversity, education and awareness,  responsible waste management, and sustainable resource use. The environment of Costa Rica is part of what makes it such a wonderful place to live, and the health of the environment is integral to a healthy community.

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See ADIT’s Environmental Initiatives, our partners, and our efforts together to help Tamarindo protect our beautiful beaches, forests, nature, water, air, and land.

The Environment of Tamarindo

     Tamarindo is known for being a part of the Biological Corridor existing along the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It connects the dry forest of Hacienda Pinilla to the Mangroves in the National Park Las Baulas. Most tourists are attracted to the waves and the good surf, but they fall in love with the howler monkeys, the green trees, and the crocodiles resting at the estuary.

     As the population and tourism increase in and around Tamarindo, protecting and preserving the environment that draws people to this area is critical for the health of the people the plants and the animals that call Tamarindo home.

Our Approach to the Environment

     We are fortunate to live in a community where many collaborative efforts towards environmental protection have emerged. We support many projects, led by other organzations including beach clean ups, reforestation efforts, and endangered species protection programs, but ADIT’s main environmental actions are through the preservation of lands, public spaces, and parks. We also have a history of dedicated action towards reducing pollution and managing waste in more effective ways.

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Our nature is more than just appealing to people, it is worthy of protection and respect.

Thanks to our staff, our horse manure composting program and many local partnerships, our beaches are cleaner than ever! This makes them safer for our local wildlife and makes visiting our beaches a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Through education and direct collection, our campaigns have diverted waste from landfills and inefficient waste management systems. We are currently working to increase the capacity of our composting and recycling center.

This national certification recognized our efforts to make the town pollution free and sustainable.

The community certification was due in large part to expanding forest connectivity in vulnerable areas through reforesting 140 tree species.

This is a community certification and the actions of many people and organizations within our community have contributed to our certification. And it represents collaborative efforts towards environmental protection and overall dedication as a community. We acknowledge especially large contributions by The Clean wave, Salve Monos, and Surfrider in areas such as beach and river cleanups, environmental education, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

ADIT has helped to preserve numerous public spaces that benefit people and the environment including our current project, Mount Tamarindo Park.

ADIT is currently in charge of cleaning the beach, streets, sidewalks, Oneida Park and other public spaces. This also includes emptying public garbage cans and cutting the grass. Constant cleaning and maintenance work is carried out at the beach entrances, in order to offer adequate and safe access to visitors. 

Daily, 4 km of beach, a park and 2 km of highway are cleaned, additionally extra cleaning is done in malls and public spaces that require it. 

We continue to maintain the beautiful appearance of our community, especially the beaches, parks, and green spaces that prove an invaluable asset to our community.

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ADIT is made up of committed community members that feel a sense of responsibility for protecting the beauty of the place we call home to our families, business, and our guests.

We welcome your help and skills, and we have many opportunities to participate as a volunteer from events, to administrative help.



with ADIT

As a community organization, partnership is essential to our strength and ability to make important decisions, develop important projects, and to create a safe and secure environment for our families, businesses, and visitors.

We welcome organizations of all sizes and types, and have many ways to engage with ADIT so that your efforts as a partner are known and valued.

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