Calle Guanacaste

The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of the road and the experience of passersby, as well as to optimize vehicular circulation on Calle Guanacaste.


Improve the road conditions to have better management of the growing traffic in the area

With the financial support of the community, ADIT is now completing the design of Guanacaste street to transform it into a safe, functional and aesthetically attractive road, prioritizing safety, sustainable mobility, and the creation of pleasant public spaces for locals and visitors.
Guanacaste street is 1 km long. It starts at the intersection between Langosta street and downtown Tamarindo, and goes all the way to the intersection of Los Jobos road, about 200ft from the Police Station. It is a 30 m wide street, thought to be the main street of Tamarindo, connecting the center of town with the Tamarindo-Villareal alternate route through Los Jobos.

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Construction of sidewalks, bike lanes, and safe pedestrian areas.

Widening and leveling of the road.

Efficient planning of parking spaces for businesses around the area.

Water channeling to prevent floodings in the center of town.

Implementation of adequate signage.

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