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The Community Hub is coming as a solution to the need for a communal space in Tamarindo, offering learning, working, and leisure spaces with high quality technology.


The Community Hub will provide provide an accessible and multifunctional space to promote teleworking, entrepreneurship, training and formation to new talents in Tamarindo.

Currently in the design process, the Community Hub will be constructed in a municipal lot located in Tamarindo. The 217m2 building will serve as a much needed communal work and meet space in Tamarindo, and generate income for ADIT through rental fees for large groups, buisnesses, and organizations.

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Promote entrepreneurship, teleworking and the economic and tourist reactivation.

Provide a space for technological innovation that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in the community.

Offer ideal conditions for teleworking for digital nomads and remote workers based locally.

Offer spaces to carry out training, workshops and other activities that encourage the social, cultural and artistic flow of the community.

Generate income for ADIT that will support other projects

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