Calle Langosta

Funded the Inter-American Development Bank, through the collaboration of the municipality of Santa Cruz, ADIT managed the paving of 2.5 km of street from Downtown Tamarindo to Langosta Beach. This project covered a total length of 2.5 km and included various road infrastructure works on both sides of the road, from the curb to the pipe.


Improve the roads and connectivity within the Tamarindo - Langosta area.

The Langosta Street Paving project started in 2016 with the intention of paving the Tamarindo-Langosta highway (cantonal route 5-03-257). Approximately 1,800 m2 of rigid pavement were built, allowing 1.4km of bidirectional circulation and 1.1km of unidirectional travel. This project connects the Langosta and Tamarindo communities, making travel between them easier and safer.

Project Brief

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Project Location

Langosta Street

Key Details

Freed up space for the construction of sidewalks, parking lots, and other elements that promoted the integration of space with safe and sustainable mobility.

Improved the existing rainwater drainage network, enabling correct collection and distribution of rainwater through outlet points

Active participation of the community and transparency in the execution of the project.

Improved connectivity between our communities

Ensured safer, easier, more efficient travel

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