Calle Langosta Sidewalks


Improve the pedestrian infrastructure, promoting safety and mobility on foot, beautifying the road and contributing to a better quality of life for the community.

This project is a community initiative financed entirely by the residents of the area. which significantly improved the pedestrian infrastructure in the area. The main objective of the project was to provide a safe and accessible environment for residents and visitors passing through the street, promoting pedestrian mobility and reducing the risks associated with the lack of sidewalks. In addition, the aim was to beautify the road and improve the quality of life of the community in general.

Project Brief

Start Date


Project Location

Langosta Street

Key Details

One kilometer of sidewalks built in 2022

Continued sidewalk advancement in 2023, with the ultimate goal of connecting Langosta and Tamarindo by foot

Ensures the safety and accessibility of travel between the two communities

Reduces dependence on vehicular travel and improves the walkability

Beautifies our public spaces

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